About Us

Who Are We? ... And Why Should You Hire Us?
We are a team of professional music producers, mixing and mastering engineers, songwriters and musicians who offer a full music production service from start to finish.

Based in the UK, we also operate out of several other studios across the USA and Europe taking advantage of different studio set-ups and the ease with which music production can now be shared globally.

We have many years’ experience and an impressive list of musical achievements including top 20 hits, international songwriting awards and music production credits for a wide range of projects and artists enjoying success with radio airplay, TV and music sales.

The team is headed by award winning songwriter and producer Niall Conn who has been writing, recording, producing and collaborating on a wide range of music for over 25 years. The team also includes some of the best and freshest emerging production talent in the world today - and is growing slowly and carefully.

We use state of the art equipment, both digital and analogue including classic tube and solid state gear as well as super high fidelity digital processing to produce exactly the sound that gets played on the radio and TV today.

mixmagic.com is owned by connsonic records, connsonic ltd, company registered in uk

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